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"Eric Blanch Memorial Trophy"

Each year every fully paid up member of The Oaks has the opportunity to vote for Club Member of the Year.  The winner will then be presented with the "Eric Blanch Memorial Trophy".

This person should be someone who goes out of their way to work hard for the success of our club such as welcoming new members; helping other players improve; administration such as running a team; setting out; clearing away and maintaining equipment, etc.

The "Eric Blanch Memorial Trophy" was the brainchild of one of our Life Vice Presidents, Mac Mc Hale.  Sadly, we had lost our Life President, Eric Blanch, the previous year.  Mac felt that Eric's never ending selflessness and voluntary work, having gone out of his way on many an occasion to ensure the success of The Oaks, since he joined in 1945, should be recognised and be ever present in the Club's future and the most obvious way to do this was with the "Club Member of the Year" award.

The "Eric Blanch Memorial Trophy" was first presented at our 55th Birthday Dinner Dance in May 2000.  The member voted for at this very special time, and very deservedly, was Babs Blanch.  Babs joined the club in 1952 where she met Eric.  Babs says that her first job on committee was "Hostess".  This job overcame her shyness as she had to greet all new faces coming through the door!  When Babs and Eric married in 1958 they were the 21st club wedding of couples meeting through the club which was known as St Albans Social Club at this time. 

In 2001 Gill Lesh was delighted to be presented with this trophy.  Gill started playing for The Oaks when she was 10 years old and has spent most of the last 26 years working on committee, etc.



             2000              Babs Blanch
             2001              Gillian Lesh
             2002              John Coward
             2003              Patricia Piggott
             2004              Babs Blanch & David Bradbury
             2005              Cornelia Lange
             2006              Mike Cowley






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